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Tangent Objectives:

Tangent goal is to help your business effectively address the Human Resources functions as well as other business related issues in your organization. The role of HR is to drive employee performance by implementing an effective performance review process and a robust incentive scheme. Our expertise and qualified team has built and transformed multiple businesses across industries to manage their people effectively and increase revenue and profitability for the business. Our team also ensures that all Administrative HR support that your business requires will be delivered in accordance to UAE Labour Law and in timely and professional manner.

At “Tangent” every single client being given individual attention, utmost priority and preference which forms one of our most important objectives. We create a win-win relationship with our client and ensure right fit people for their needs.

oi1 1.Targeting the best talents :
Recruiting is a way to bring in fresh new ideas and overcome company shortcomings. With targeted recruiting efforts, generous pay and benefits and a strong company culture, it is possible to attract the top talent in your given industry. While hiring the best candidate from your applicant pool is a fairly easy task, attracting top talent often takes more networking, outsourcing to a recruiting firm or recruiting from local universities to increase the candidate pool to include the types of skills and experience you desire.
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