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Industry Specialization of Tangent:

Our value proposition is to deliver professional services that create a significant value addition to your business at a cost that is lower than maintaining it in-house. Since 1998 Tangent specialized in providing a full spectrum of services for corporations, companies of any size and individuals with high quality most effective, efficient and timely and affordable solutions to all Human Resources needs. Our services are available in package option or as independent services.

At “Tangent” every single client being given individual attention, utmost priority and preference which forms one of our most important objectives. We create a win-win relationship with our client and ensure right fit people for their needs.
Tangent provides its clients with legal services to support their businesses and cut the time needed to execute legal processes. Some of these legal processes are very time-consuming and cost endless amount of money as well as result in business suspension sometimes. Tangent has extensive contact in the local community and in the Government Departments and Federal Ministries, enabling us to complete your requests promptly. Tangent believe that, time is money, giving the fastest response to reduce your cost and give better position in market. We always guarantee our quality of services and accuracy and confidentiality of information traverse by us. Tangent provide best services with less effort, faster response and more accuracy.

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